We'll work together with you to reach your goal: we'll help you launch sales abroad without relocating your team, and then set up a systematic sales flow or increase foreign currency earnings.


We help take
in 2020 alone, GoGlobal members made $4.6 million in sales in 70+ countries

$4.6 mln.

companies with technology products have gone through the acceleration process
IIDF Accelerator has been working with technology businesses
8 years
We know what
to make your company achieve its global goal.
And thanks to 24/7 expert support, a tracking system, and a wide network of international contacts, you can get there much faster while saving up to 50% on resources.
NEEDS to be done
We work on your goals


What the program consists of
First, we will deeply analyze your business: we will determine the current state, show you the bottlenecks that prevent you from upscaling your revenue, and assess your readiness to enter foreign markets. Together with you, we will formulate a goal and draw up a plan to achieve it.
1 .Business diagnostics
The 500+ founders of the exclusive IIDF Accelerator community share their networks, experience, contacts and expertise with each other, and also often find partners or services for their tasks. Thanks to this community, many services are available to you and will accelerate your development in international markets.
5 .Networking and partnership offers
Thanks to the accumulated expertise of the 730+ companies that have passed our acceleration programs, we have developed a system that allows teams to successfully enter foreign markets. We will impart all that expertise to your team.
2 .Expertise and experience
Helps your team to attain the goal. First, we will build a chain of tasks that are necessary to achieve the result. Then, we will add a tracking system as a focus point, search for hacks, and continue from there.
3 .Tracking system
An expert can quickly help a team member to deal with a specific task step by step. They can also help you quickly solve a specific problem, impart experience to the team, and quickly eliminate obstacles so you can continue to move towards the goal without stopping.
4 .Individual consultations with experts


Marvin Liao
Venture investor, ex-partner of 500 Startups, Member of the Board of Directors of GAMEGROOVE Capital.
Paolo Privitera
Investor and mentor of Google Launchpad Accelerator and 500 Startups, serial entrepreneur, CEO of Evensi, founder of 6x.
Nick Yap
Founder and investor of Zoi Meet AI, Techstars Graduate, mentor at Plug and Play.
Cedric Le Quellec
Startup advisor at India Accelerator. India market expert.
Dr. Maria Blekher
Entrepreneur and startup advisor, director and founder of the YU Innovation Lab, behavioral scientist.
Craig Kemp
International development consultant and advisor of EdTech companies.
Sharjeel Siddiqu
B2B marketer, mentor of SaaS services. India market expert.
Deeksha Ahuja
8 years of experience in Ed-tech, Food-tech, Beauty-tech, Media-tech and Healthcare.
Sateesh Hegde
Head of Growth at Analytiks. India market expert.
Jody Jacobs
Director, CEO Brand Avenue Ltd, Adviser.
Дмитрий Калаев
Директор «Акселератора ФРИИ». Cооснователь компании Naumen, которая прошла путь от 6 до 400+ сотрудников и 1 млрд рублей выручки. Сооснователь программы «венчурного туризма» в Кремниевую Долину.
Ilya Krasinsky
IIDF expert in product economics and metrics, founder and CEO of AppCraft service.
Konstantin Ivanov
DigiFabster co-founder and CEO.
Dmitry Sergeev
Carrot quest founder and CEO.
Mikhail Trofimov
Revealbot co-founder and CEO.
Vitaly Alexandrov
Founder of Out of Cloud, Co-founder of Food Rocket
Arik Akhverdyan
VCV.ai founder and CEO.
Alexey Panev
Navigine CEO.
Alexey Chernyshev
Odus.AI founder and CEO.
Pavel Ryskov
B2B sales methodology lead at IIDF Accelerator.
Nastasya Savina
1step2market founder and CEO.
Maria Karaban
International Development Expert, ExpandToday founder, Life Button co-founder, RuTech ambassador.
Anton Mezentsev
International business development expert. Develops e-commerce project international business at Softline, is responsible for entering new markets and working with global partners. Launched e-commerce products and payment solutions in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
Irina Berkon
Founder and managing partner at IBLS Global and managing partner at Global Seeds.
Mikhail Kryuchkov
Resonate Marketing founder and CEO. 15 years of experience in IT companies (Diasoft, Misys/Finastra, RedCloud) dealing with software for the financial sector. In these companies, he was engaged in presales, sales, and marketing for 10 years.
Dmitry Shkolnikov
CTO/VP Product & Tech at Airpush. Dmitry has been working in the information technology business since 2001. He launched the advertising service myTarget at Mail.ru and devoted 4 years to bringing the product to the market and taking a leading position.
Vladimir Nagin
Founder of LEADUP MARKETERS. The company is a partner of 1C in the implementation of CRM Bitrix24.
Alexander Burenkov
VP for E-Commerce at Food Rocket
Alexander is an e-commerce expert with over 10 years of experience that includes building a major online medical drugs delivery service with 25,000 orders per day from the ground up. At Food Rocket, he is responsible for growth and oversees marketing, product, and monetization.

Anastasia Lisovtseva
The entrepreneur. Built a ready-made food factory for Yandex.Lavka service. Launched Yango Deli fast food delivery service in London, France, and Israel. Grocery market expert in Europe and USA.

Evgeniya Malina
Head of Business Strategy and Operations at Food Rocket. Evgeniya is a highly qualified professional with seven years of international work experience in executive management, strategic growth, and digital product development. At Food Rocket, Evgeniya is responsible for automating the company's operational processes and building the foundations for scaling the business.

Anna Radzievskaya
Founder of No-code school Code Breakers. Expert at development of digital-products and startups without code, scaling marketplace busines models and also development and marketing of EdTech projects.
Evgeny Kalinin
Tracker, works with startups, corporations and accelerators. More than 25 years in IT, since 2009 has been helping startups to launch, accelerate sales and upscale, and corporations to find new growth drivers and carry out strategic transformations.
Dmitry Torshin
Serial entrepreneur, expert in business management, startups, project teams, tracker with 15+ years of experience in IT and telecommunications management; worked with 500+ companies and projects.
Dmitry Sokolov
Leading tracker of IIDF. Customer Development expert. Expert in B2B sales, product analytics, monetization and design.
Rinat Shamsiev
Certified tracker of IIDF Accelerator. Customer development expert.
Nikolay Serkutan
Certified tracker at IIDF Accelerator, entrepreneur, marketing consultant and account-based methodologist in B2B sales; more than 10 years of experience in various positions in international companies (Philips, etc.).
Евгений Дорофеев
Ведущий трекер корпоративных акселераторов «Леруа Мерлен», КАМАЗ, Сбер#UP, ВШЭ, GenerationS, АСИ и др. 10+ лет опыта серийного предпринимательства, построения b2b- и b2g-продаж, разработки маркетинговых стратегий.
Алексей Черныш
Ведущий трекер, эксперт по New Product Development и развитию бизнеса. Работал с 200+ проектами. Эксперт по b2b-маркетингу, построению систем продаж. Трекер корпоративных акселераторов Сбербанка, Росбанка, Билайна.
Олег Жумаханов
Ведущий трекер, серийный предприниматель с 20-летним опытом создания компаний в различных сферах. Ведущий трекинга Высшей Школы Экономики, трекер компании QED для команды изменений SAP.
Александр Басанов
Трекер, серийный предприниматель, эксперт по b2b-продажам, интернет-маркетингу. CEO/CTO Невеста.info, CEO и основатель в MyRooms, CTO Online Marketing, co-founder в Larixon Classifieds.
Артём Харитонов
Трекер, сооснователь и продакт-менеджер Coobic.ai. Работал с 100+ командами. Работал с McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Axe, Leroy Merlin, Total, Кагоцел. Занимался SEO, контекстной рекламой и разработкой сайтов, организовывал отдел продаж.
Дмитрий Устюжанин
Трекер, CEO и основатель iSleuthHound Technologies. Руководитель продуктового департамента в Лаборатории Касперского. Опыт управления запуском IT-продуктов на глобальных рынках (28+ стран, 35+ языков локализации продукта).
Сергей Хуснетдинов
Управляющий директор GA^3IN Ventures, CEO Elpis Labs Global. Обладает степенью MBA в the Fuqua School of Business/Duke University. Амбассадор Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network. Входит в региональный совет директоров the Fuqua School of Business.
Алексей Крючков
Серийный предприниматель, сооснователь и CEO AuditOnline. Опыт финансового менеджмента с 2002 г. Работал в качестве трекера более с чем со 100 командами. Рост оборота бизнеса с 0 до 1млрд рублей.
Константин Пискунов
Основатель Fish.Travel - прошел путь от идеи и запуска продаж в 45 странах до пивота продукта на американском рынке с привлечением международных инвестиций. 5 стартапов привел к первой выручке на рынке США.
We've helped
to launch and boost sales overseas

100+ IT teams




We know that our expertise and experience can bring results in any business, but the results will largely depend on the efforts of the team itself. With this in mind, we've formulated a number of criteria to determine for whom our program will be most effective.
Dedicated Full-Time Team for International Work
The result is where the focus is. Our experience has proved that it is very difficult to mix the main business with international expansion, because it interferes with progress on both sides.

It is ideal to dedicate 2-4 key employees with complementary competencies in marketing, sales, and product vision. And of course, without the active participation of the CEO or leader, it will not work.
Knowledge of Conversational English
It is not necessary that the CEO or department heads speak English, but the team that will conduct problem interviews to test hypotheses and collect feedback from your target audience on your project must have a sufficient level of competence and comfort.
Experiment and Marketing Budget
On average, hypothesis testing will take $2К+ per month. This is much less than you would spend without knowing our life hacks and techniques. We know a lot of free testing methods, but you won't be able to test the market with no budget.
Are you ready to run with us and change?
As you progress through the program, you will receive a lot of concentrated information, life hacks, working strategies and tools. Your success will largely depend on the speed at which you complete tasks and your willingness to change to achieve your goal.
Drop us a line, and we will contact you to tell you about the program in detail and answer any questions you may have.
Leave a request

for a consultation

Got any questions?

Ask me!

Anastasia Kapranova
IIDF Accelerator Client
Do you work with offline businesses (project industries, hardware, etc.)?
At the moment, our focus is on IT companies or offline companies undergoing active digitalization. We can be useful to the product, design, or service business of any industry, if there is a technological component in the product or service.
We are no longer a startup. How can you be useful for us?
A few years ago, most of the companies that went through our acceleration programs were early-stage companies. However, for several years now, we have been successfully helping fairly mature companies, whose revenue ranges from 100 million to several billion rubles ($1.5M to tens of millions USD): SKB Kontur, Ideco, Insales, Travelline, Carrot Quest, etc.
What do we need to participate in the acceleration program?
A dedicated full-time team of 2-4 people to work in foreign markets, and a monthly budget of $2K+ for testing marketing hypotheses.
Which countries can you help me expand my business to?
It depends on your product. We'll get together with you and evaluate and select the best markets. Most companies who complete our program enter the USA, European, Latin American and Southeast Asian markets.
Can you help us register a legal entity which can accept foreign payments?
Sure! Our list of experts includes representatives from law firms that work with IT companies, both in Russia and in international markets.
Do you take a share for participation in the accelerator?
Previously, some teams paid for acceleration programs out of investments received from the IIDF Fund. Currently, it's possible to go through an acceleration program at your own expense.
What result can we expect from you?
50% of the result depends on our trackers and experts, and 50% depends on the speed and efficiency of your team. The result also depends on the specifics of the market, your product/solution, transaction cycle, etc. Sales contracts/pipelines with clients in the foreign market can be considered a good result, depending on the specifics of your business.
How exactly can you help us?
It depends on your goals and the state of your business, which we will assess when you enter the program.

We can help you::

  • Check the demand for your product/solution in new markets;
  • Accelerate the work of your team by developing their competencies for working in new markets;
  • Find your first clients and start making sales;
  • Increase your revenue stream;

Please feel free to contact us, and a representative will share more details about what specific improvements can be made to your business during the program, and any risks and limitations that apply in your case.
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